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ROM and EDI Go To a New Level in 2012

ROM and EDI Go to a New Level in 2012

Dear Friend of Renewing Our Minds (ROM),

Can a genuine, transforming and long lasting reconciliation take place around the person of Jesus between young leaders from diverse, even opposing ethnic, racial and religious groups? After thirteen years, the Renewing Our Minds ministry has proved that it definitely can.

It All Started in the Balkans in 1999

It all started in 1999 in the picturesque township of Fuzine, in the mountains of Gorski Kotar, at a time when the wounds inflicted by a decade of conflict in the region of former Yugoslavia were still fresh and hurting. A group of young adults involved in the humanitarian and healing ministry of Life Center International (LCI), a faith-based non-governmental organization in Croatia started the international Renewing Our Minds (ROM) initiative.

Over the years the transformative impact of ROM has gone beyond Southeast Europe, and has reached the Middle East, the African continent, the former Soviet Union, the EU, the USA and beyond. Through ROM hundreds of young lives, from over fifty countries, have been directly impacted.  Many ROM alumni have emerged as leaders and are today making a difference in the political, social, humanitarian and religious arenas of their countries.

A number of projects have resulted from ROM, as attendees who have been inspired by its vision, have given it a fresh meaning and application through their own initiatives. One such project is the Economic Diplomacy Seminar (EDS), an annual conference that applies the principles of Jesus to the fields of business, economics and politics. EDS is in its sixth year and has impacted the world of business in the Balkan region and beyond.

ROM and EDS Go To a New Level in 2012

ROM and EDS together formed a new umbrella organization, the Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation (FLR). Formed in November 2011 in the US, FRL is now poised to take the Renewing Our Minds (ROM) and Economic Diplomacy Seminar EDS, now called Economic Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) to a new level.

FLR builds on the vision of ROM and EDI, to advance the Kingdom of God by nurturing international leaders of noble, forgiving, reconciled and serving hearts, in tune with the person of Jesus. FLR will pursue this mission through holistic, transformative and relational education, training and mentorship; as well as the advancement of caring and serving communities. We believe that God, who has embraced the entire human family in Jesus Christ on the cross, is likewise commissioning his followers to embrace their fellow men and women, friends and enemies across ethnic, national, racial, geographical, cultural, religious and political divides.

This year, the FLR Board of Directors and Executive Team are focused on establishing a firm and sustainable foundation for future growth, and on three key international events that would bring together up to 200 young leaders from 20 countries in the Balkans and around the world. These events are Renewing Our Minds Gathering 2012 in Fuzine, Croatia, July 13 – 29; Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum 2012 in Fuzine, Croatia, August 5 – 19; and the ROM/EDI 2012 Reunion in Macedonia, September 27 – October 1, 2012.

Would You Consider Making a Financial Investment

We have everything in place to succeed in 2012.  The Forum for Leadership and Development revitalized the ministry of ROM and EDI, through a committed and engaged Board of Directors and Executive Team, an experienced regional task team, discerning advisors and the prayers of many friends. Equally important is the financial support of friends who believe in this work. Remember that most of the young leaders attending and serving in the FLR programs are from countries and regions with little or no financial means to cover the cost of their participation.

Would you consider making a financial investment to help raise needed funds to support these programs?

Thank you for your consideration and partnering with us in this important international initiative of leadership and reconciliation.

Love and Blessings.

Tihomir Kukolja
Renewing Our Minds, Director
PO Box 423
Bothell, WA 98041, USA

All donations for ROM and EDI should be sent to  –
The Antioch Partners,
7132 Portland Ave, Suite 136,
Richfield, MN 55423.
Phones 713-490-9571

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