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Building an Economic, Business and Political Community On the Principles of Jesus

Economic Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) is a new initiative designed to support the development of young professionals and students in the areas of economics, business and politics which are based in the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe that the best way to fight against unhealthy rivalry among and within nations is to establish an economic and political community based on the principles of Jesus. 

EDI was established on the foundations of the 13-year peace building initiative Renewing our Minds (ROM) and later the 5 years of the Economic Diplomacy Seminar (EDS).  ROM evolved out of the need to heal relationships among ethnic groups after the wars in Southeast Europe applying Jesus’ principles as a platform for establishing friendship, forgiveness, reconciliation and lasting peace in the region.  From 2006-2011, the Economic Diplomacy Seminar (EDS) hosted over 200 participants, continuing where ROM left off, by adding economic and diplomatic principles.

This summer EDI is planning to invite 25 participants, and 15 staff and instructors for series of lectures, seminars, workshops and mentoring events.  Participants will be selected based on recognized leadership in their communities and recommendations of those involved with the program.

The program will be led by Justin Kagin, Director of Economic Diplomacy and Integrity, Leo van Doesburg, East European Representative of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), Tihomir Kukolja, Executive Director of the Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation (FLR) and ROM, Mihaela Kovac, Director of Baraca, and the executive team from FLR.

RDI objectives are: a) To engage young professionals and students (ages 18-35) primarily from the Balkan region; b) To facilitate the formation of new business plans and projects and assist in their implementation by developing a plan, working on logistics, and creating a network of support; c) To support professional networks by connecting current participants with former participants, and leaders in EDI and ROM; d) To practically apply the principles of Jesus through regional and community outreach of various kinds; and e) To highlight successful leaders in the region and create a space for them to share and invest themselves in a new generation of leaders.

The 2012 program content will include international speakers and seminars; small groups and mentors; workshops; field trips, and social events.

Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum 2012 will take place in Fuzine, Croatia, July 31 – August 11, 2012.

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