Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thank You for Your Partnership

Dear Friends,

We are looking back at the year 2014 with a sense of great satisfaction and gratitude. Your prayers and support is making a big difference in the quality and growth of our ministry. In 2014 we were able to go forward with four major leadership and reconciliation programs: Renewing Our Minds Gathering (ROM) and Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum (EDI) in Fuzine, Croatia; ForumRegathering on Fruska Gora near Novi Sad, Serbia; and EDI Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Although our work is sixteen years old, since the time of our reorganization into a new organization, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation at the end of 2011, we have witnessed a notable progress in the growth of our donor base. This is why we were confident to add every year a new content to our programs, especially aiming towards strengthening the follow-up and mentoring areas of our work in Southeast Europe.

In 2015 we are moving forward with the following projects and programs, with an added emphasis on the missional character of our work: Renewing Our Minds Gathering 2015 (ROM), leadership and reconciliation conference in Fuzine, Croatia; Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum 2015 (EDI), leadership conference for business professionals in Fuzine, Croatia; Middle East leadership and reconciliation seminar; Economic Diplomacy and Integrity seminars in Albania and Romania; Completing the process of establishing seven to eight regional representatives in the Balkans; Returning of Tihomir Kukolja and his family to Southeast Europe with a four-year commitment of service.

People like you, filled with a profound understanding of the need for the transforming work of Forum in the lives of the hundreds of young leaders internationally, are making our ministry possible. Thank you for partnering with us in the important ministry of reconciliation and development of leaders transformed by the person of Jesus. In the world that is becoming increasingly fragile our work is becoming increasingly important and needed.

We continue to need your support. Give us an opportunity to start the year 2015 well. Please consider giving at this time of Christmas. Your gifts and prayers are making a difference around the world. You may donate electronically by clicking on “Donate Now”.

May the Lord Jesus fill your hearts with joy at this Christmas Season.

Tihomir Kukolja, Executive Director, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation
Martha S. Weiss, Chairwoman, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation

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