Friday, 11 September 2015

ROM Community Response Appeal Follow-up

Refugees at the Serbian - Hungarian border. Photo: Milos Nikolic

Dear Friends,

It is in a good way overwhelming and exciting to watch how this initiative that was born just over a week ago is growing fast and strong. The words of Jesus: "When I was hungry you gave me something to eat..." (Matthew 25:35) are becoming fulfilled through your actions of kindness and generosity. Many of you have at this time put aside a number of other important things to focus for a while on our action "ROM Community Refugee Response".

Since our first ROM Refugee Day of Action in Belgrade, Serbia is only one week away - Friday, 18th September, and since we are addressing the global community of our friends, and since time is of the essence, allow me to follow up on our appeal by sharing a few more hints that might be helpful as you are at this time planning to give or/and get involved:

1. For our friends in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, and UK:

Please, check the names and contact details of your national coordinatorsand contact them immediately to see how to pass on your donation to them. It is important that we complete the collection of funds and items in your countries by Tuesday afternoon, 15th September so that the timely transfer of donations may be organized. If you are planning to give a monetary donation remember that no amount is too small or too big. Give what you are able to give. I like the comments of some of you who told me: "ROM has given so much to me and now is the time for me to give something back".

Also, should we need to have a vehicle available to take a group of people or/and donated items from your country to Belgrade, let us and your country coordinators know as soon as possible if you can make your car and yourself available.

2. For our Friends in Other Countries:

The time was too short to organize national coordinators in your countries. We would like you to send your donation immediately, and no later than Tuesday, 15th September, directly to any of the accounts presented at the end of the appeal letter. Please mark it as "Golden Rule Project". If you would like to use some other method of sending us your donation please consult Mihaela Kovacs, Bojan Ruvarac or me first. It is important that the monetary donation you intend to give will reach us in Belgrade by Thursday, 17th September the latest.

3. Four our Friends in the US:

We are impressed and encouraged that since we launched our appeal yesterday among our friends in the US we have already been notified about the first group of donations. Please continue sending your donations by checks or electronically to The Antioch Partners as specified at the end of the appeal letter. Your checks need to be noted as "Forum - Project Golden Rule". Since time is of the essence please send us your donation immediately, or by Tuesday, September 15 the latest. Please also, notify any of our US coordinators by an independent email as soon as you have submitted your donation. 

4. For Those Planning to Come to Belgrade and Serve the Refugees on Friday, 18th September:

We are looking for a dedicated group of friends who are passionate about helping the refugees. If you are planning to come we would need to know you are coming by Monday night, 14th September, in order to organize an accommodation for you in timely manner. We are not able to receive the last minute registrations. If you are coming we are expecting you to arrive to Belgrade on Thursday afternoon, 17th September. As soon as we know who is coming and the exact number we will send you all other arrival and accommodation information.

5. Praying for the ROM Community Refugee Response action and the Day of Action in Belgrade:

Let us also give through prayer, and thus become a big prayer team. This is an important action and our contribution to the softening of the current refugee crisis in Europe that seems to be growing by each new day. Let us pray for a bigger picture too, that the Lord may move the hearts and minds of people of the European governments to find a suitable and humane solution for the hundreds of thousands unfortunate people who are seeking a safe place where they could build their new homes. Let us pray also that the witness of Jesus may shine through our action, however modest it might be if compared with the magnitude of the challenge. And, indeed let us pray for everyone who will come to Belgrade to serve, as well as for those who are already on the streets and in the fields of Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary helping the refugees in many ways.

May I also take this opportunity to thank EUS (IFES) Serbia; Samuil Petrovski, EUS Director, and ADRA Serbia for letting us do this action if partnership with them.

Finally, join our FB ROM Response Prayer Group and see our regular updates about the refugee situations in Serbia.

Love you all. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Tihomir Kukolja
Renewing our Minds, Director
Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation, Executive Director

PS: Please visit often the following pages for timely updates too:

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